A Storybook Beginning: How Tech PR Swept Me off My Feet

Wynne Beyersdorfer graduation photo

By Wynne Beyersdorfer, Account Coordinator

From the time I was a young child, I’ve had a strong passion for writing. I would create characters and send them on adventures across the world (usually to exotic places that only existed in my 5-year-old head!). As I got older, I found that writing was a great outlet for my thoughts and feelings. I find it exciting to string together ideas in order to convey strong emotions and messages. There is something therapeutic about letting my pen and ideas flow onto paper.

It wasn’t until college, though, that I found a true love for public relations when I realized I could heavily incorporate this hobby of writing into my career, so I jumped at the chance. However, it took diving into an industry I knew little to nothing about to realize that it wasn’t just about the writing for me — it was about storytelling.

One of my first internships was in the tech industry, which is full of complex information and is everchanging at a rapid pace. This is exactly what I love about tech: I’m able to work my storytelling skills by translating intricate ideas into meaningful stories for the average consumer.

I like to think of tech PR like a math problem: when you finally get the answer that checks, that “Aha!” moment, you know you truly and completely understand it. This is how it feels to fully understand the complexities behind a tech company and to be able to simplify and translate them. The satisfying feeling is unlike any other. From that point forward, I knew I wanted to stick to tech.

I discovered The Hoffman Agency because of this love for the tech industry. I knew that I wanted to join an agency heavily centered around B2B communications, and I began my search there. Through my discovery process, I learned that Hoffman was a perfect blend between technology and public relations. From my first internship in the tech industry to my newfound position at Hoffman, I knew that this was the right space for me to truly excel in my PR career.

Entering this new position at Hoffman as an account coordinator was a bit daunting before I started. Although I had some experience in the tech industry, there is always new knowledge to gain and a new challenge around every corner. Further, as a fresh graduate, I knew that navigating the beginning of my career path could be difficult. In the media industry, there is room to fall to the bottom of the totem pole, which can feel intimidating at times.

However, at Hoffman, the transition has been seamless. I am surrounded by professionals who excel at their craft and support me and others in every way possible. The team at Hoffman reminds me that I am here for a reason, and each member is equally important to the crew. In this role, I’m most excited to develop my skills in terms of pitching meaningful stories while developing important media relationships. I feel grateful that I’m able to fully enter the public relations world with a team as talented as those at Hoffman.

When I’m off the clock, I love anything having to do with food or music! I love to find little hole-in-the-wall restaurants (those are always the best!) and trying out new spots in town. On the music side, I could spend hours searching for new artists or songs. I’ve got a playlist for every mood, which always comes in handy!

I’m excited to dive into my PR career and am proud that Hoffman is my outlet to do so.

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