World Photography Day 2023: Framing Tech Stories

We explore the importance of visual storytelling in tech PR and share our tips in celebration of World Photography Day 2023.

world photography day 2023

It’s That Time of Year

2020 holiday card

Chinese New Year Greetings

  A short note to wish all those celebrating the Chinese New Year a relaxing break. This is the Year of the Pig. Considered a symbol of wealth, the pig’s chubby face and big ears serve as symbols of fortune. The pig is also considered a realistic creature and one who puts actions behind the…

Storytelling vs. Corporate Speak — The Ultimate Showdown

By: Aaron Whitaker – Account Coordinator at The Hoffman Agency At The Hoffman Agency, one of the first steps we take when developing a public relations plan for our clients is to create a story and narrate it to our respective audiences. Whether they’re tech journalists, government officials or bloggers, we use the power of…

A Day in the Life of a HA Design Intern — from the Eyes of a Neighbor

By Grace Chu, Senior Account Executive, The Hoffman Agency Hong Kong Wonder what it’s like to be a design intern at The Hoffman Agency? You can draw inspiration from our former Design Intern Ben Leung’s 5 key takeaways. Right, got it … So what? To give this a twist, we flipped roles so I could…

Dear Brands, All I Want for the Holidays are Visuals

By Megan Bauer The Hoffman Agency, Portland-Vancouver Just take a second to read through the visual above. While my family may not be quite this crazy, there is something to be said about  a fun visual (courtesy of Scott Bateman) that adds a new spin to the same old holiday conversation. Every year we see…