When looking to build resilience, first get your employer branding story straight

Caroline Hsu highlights five key takeaways from moderating the Singapore Semiconductor Industry Association’s (SSIA) 55th anniversary summit.

Female scientist in a lab analyzing a semiconductor chip.

Mortal marketers should not take Twitter’s rebranding as a blueprint for anything

The chaotic rollout of X (formerly Twitter) is a stark reminder of the importance of strategic rebranding with a strong communication strategy.

Photo of X logo atop a building.

A Woof for National Dog Day.

What happens when origami intersects with National Dog Day (August 26)? Our APAC design team answers that question.  

The Art of Selling in Public Relations

By Low Sieu Ping, Senior Account Executive, The Hoffman Agency Singapore Public relations (PR) is very much about reputation management. Most PR consultants can associate themselves with building and/or shaping opinion for a win-win scenario between their clients and the clients’ stakeholders. But in this course of seeking that attention and receiving favourable sentiments is…

The Art of Selling in PR