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Trellix chooses Hoffman as its Global AOR, and that is great news

Trellix has selected The Hoffman Agency to support its global communications efforts, including PR and social media. Explore the partnership.

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How to land a story in top-tier publications

“I want to be in WIRED. How do I get into WIRED?”  By Chris Owen, Director, Hoffman Europe

How to land a story in a top tier publication

Scoring Big For The Earth Hour 2014 Cause

By Czarina Cabuyadao The Hoffman Agency, Singapore With Earth Hour 2014 having just passed, we’d like to take some time to digest what a star-studded event it was, graced by the cast of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2.’ We also reflect on some important conservation messages for all who partook in the experience. We’ve outdone ourselves…

Tips to Enhance Your Mobile World Congress PR Campaign

By Luica Mak The Hoffman Agency, London As Mobile World Congress (MWC) is fast approaching, we have received many requests from both existing and prospective clients about specific campaigns to maximise their PR efforts at one of the biggest technology shows in the world. Here are some little things I’ve learned from previous years that…

7 Ways You Can Help Your PR Agency Achieve Great Results

By Katie Oxenford The Hoffman Agency, San Jose A large part of the success or failure of a PR program depends on the strength of the relationship between client and agency. That’s why, at The Hoffman Agency, we don’t take on a client unless we believe it has what it takes to be a successful…

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Business Across Borders – Doing International PR for HYSTA

By Giuseppina Chiaramonte and Polly Yu The Hoffman Agency, United States and Hong Kong PR pros are always dancing. We juggle media calls between pitching journalists; we draft press releases, while finalizing briefing docs. We cram all we can into a single day, all the while trying to maximize our time to the nth degree….