Martha Niño: A Story of Hard Work, Humility, and Self-belief

San Jose PR intern Jennifer Liu recaps the captivating life story of Martha Niño, a senior marketing manager at Adobe and our Hispanic Heritage Month guest speaker.

Woman in a bright pink top speaking on stage with open hands

World Photography Day 2023: Framing Tech Stories

We explore the importance of visual storytelling in tech PR and share our tips in celebration of World Photography Day 2023.

world photography day 2023

A Perspective on Pride with Teddy Basham-Witherington

Senior Account Manager Matt Burrows talks about Teddy Basham-Witherington’s visit to our office and shares his thoughts from Pride Month 2023.

pride month 2023

How to land a story in top-tier publications

“I want to be in WIRED. How do I get into WIRED?”  By Chris Owen, Director, Hoffman Europe

How to land a story in a top tier publication

Rebirth: LEGO