Women in Tech: 5 Awesome Things that Just Happened

5 things that happened for women in tech this week.

By Kelly Stone
The Hoffman Agency, Portland-Vancouver

The boys get enough attention. Here are just a handful of awesome things on WOMEN in tech that recently caught my eye.

The polarizing Marissa Mayer graces the cover of Fast Company

As Fast Company notes: “Even observers who have trouble summoning up optimism for Yahoo’s future give Mayer grudging credit. ‘She’s done an extremely defensible job of removing the sense of inertia and defeatism,’ says Benedict Evans, a partner at venture-capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, who is one of the industry’s leading experts on mobile strategy.”


An updated bathroom sign supports women in tech.

The creator of a fantastically updated bathroom sign, Tania Katan, is an artist and writer who wound up working in technology at Axosoft. She launched the #ItWasNeverADress campaign last Thursday at the Girls In Tech conference in Phoenix, AZ.


Women Who Tech announces Women Startup Challenge

Women Who Tech is inviting women to join them in the first-ever Women Startup Challenge that will help women crowdfund money for their startups and showcase their innovative and disruptive ventures that are solving problems for people, businesses, and the planet.

As a recent Newsweek piece pointed out: “No amount of confidence changes the fact that the valley’s big venture capitalists are almost entirely male. The top five don’t have any female senior partners, and VC partners are 96 percent male. Twenty years ago, the partners were 97 percent male.”


Forbes contributor Meghan Biro pushes to De-Brogram tech culture.

In her piece, entitled “Women In Technology: Why It’s Good For Everyone,” Meghan calls for a “De-Brogramming.” She states: “From the workplace to marketing, tech’s generic face isn’t exactly gender neutral. The recent lawsuit that brought Silicon Valley into the news exposed tech’s very challenging environment for women. Regardless of what you may think of the jury decision, the veil’s off. Yet here are two surprising facts: women are the lead adopters of technology, and Dow Jones found that successful startups have more women in senior positions than unsuccessful ones.”

#Iworkinpr gives a nod to women in tech PR.

And that feeling when you walk into “every” tech PR meeting with predominately male executives. It’s no surprise that the ferocious Cookie Lyon from Empire represents us in the gif!


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