Why We Love Riley Curry: A Lesson in Storytelling

By Michelle Favalora
The Hoffman Agency, San Jose

For those of you who have been living under a rock with no cell reception for the past month, the Golden State Warriors are currently playing the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals and my vote for “the real MVP” has already been cast: Riley Curry.

Riley Curry has taken center stage at not one, but two postgame press conferences with dad Steph Curry.

Riley Curry, NBA Finals, Press Conference, Storytelling

[Source: Total Pro Sports]

 I can’t say I’m an expert in post-game press conferences. I usually turn the TV off right after the game to avoid pulling my hair out over the players’ lack of — or just plain disregard for — media training. But, I do know a thing or two about storytelling (thanks, Hoffman!) and Riley Curry’s candid appearances have all the makings of a great story. Here’s why:

It’s Unexpected

Riley Curry, NBA Finals, Press Conference, Unexpected

[Source: Fox Sports]

During a run-of-the-mill press conference, you can make a sandwich or check Facebook and not miss much. Everything goes as planned: players ramble off overused idioms and lifeless commentary that reporters plop into their recaps.

Riley Curry; however, had the audience captivated. I could not take my eyes off the TV for fear I would miss another hysterical outburst from our new queen.

Suspense is critical for effective storytelling. If your audience already knows how the story is going to end, they won’t waste their time reading it.

It’s Human  

Riley Curry, NBA Finals, Press Conference, Human

[Source: NY Post]

Many players sound robotic and automated at their press conferences. Whether they don’t have anything interesting to say, or just don’t want to talk about their performance, these conversations can often feel forced and disconnected.

But, Riley was genuine and human. Everything she did made it feel like you really knew the Curry royal family.

It can be tricky to humanize a story, especially for businesses. But it’s important to incorporate a personal, relatable element into the messaging to help it stick.

It’s Different

Riley Curry, Press Conferences, Different

[Source: NY Post]

Sports press conferences have become routine. Unfortunately, when something is monotonous, it’s also forgettable. Riley Curry’s appearance was anything but routine. It was special.

If you want your own communication to be memorable, make sure that it breaks from the status quo.

Professional athletes might not pay attention to their media training, but they sure would benefit from taking a page out of Riley Curry’s coloring book.

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