Wholesome Times with HA Jamz

Eric Church - Springsteen

By Shereen Masoud-Jointe, Account Executive (Europe)

Whether you’re all alone in your room and looking for a song to have a good cry to (we’ve all done it) or searching for a song to dance wildly to with abandon — both worthy cathartic pursuits — the latest tunes on our playlist should give you a robust selection to choose from:


76.    Love is Only a Feeling — The Darkness

77.    再谈记忆 (Say It Again) — 盘尼西林 (Penicillin)

78.    Springsteen — Eric Church

79.    當我迷失時聽著的歌 (The song I listen to when I am lost) — 陳蕾 (Panter Chan); You can listen to this one on Youtube

80.    Brown Eyed Girl — Van Morrison

81.    Saturn — Sleeping at Last


For HA Washington Senior Account Executive Mikaela Farasyn, Eric Church’s “Springsteen” is a dance track that takes her back to the good ole days:

From Fleetwood Mac to Flume, my music taste is eclectic. However, the songs that stick with me the most are tied to memories.

Growing up, my family loved music and I remember having jam sessions together in the summer where I would just dance on our front porch with my sisters.

In 2012, Eric Church came out with the song “Springsteen” which recounts a time he fell in love. While the love story is sweet, for me it’s the overarching concept of how music helps us to commemorate past memories. When he sings, funny how a melody sounds like a memory, like the soundtrack to a July Saturday night, Springsteen, I flashback to those sweet moments dancing with my family on a summer night.

All of my favorite songs are connected to my most cherished memories, and this song about songs reminds me of that.

As always, you can follow along on our Spotify playlist.

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