Welcome to the Global Bazaar

Welcom to Global Bazaar

Image via @nisudapi

By Stephen Burkhart

The Hoffman Agency, San Jose

Welcome to our new meeting place. Technically, it’s the new Hoffman Agency team blog, written by our staff around the world, from Hong Kong to London, Japan to Korea, the United States, Singapore and Berlin to Beijing and Shanghai.

But we don’t really think of it as a blog really. We see it as a Global Bazaar of ideas, overflowing with rampant intelligent energy (our goal anyway). At least we promise to never be boring!

One day you might get an opinion piece about how to extend your reach in Chinese tech markets, another day it could be about the 10 non-starters for PR in London.

We promise a few sensorial delights along the way, such as the best coffee houses in Silicon Valley, or where in Hong Kong you can trust the dim sum recommendations or how to find an authentic hamburger in Tokyo.

We hope to share a few personal stories along the way too, so you get better acquainted with the people at The Hoffman Agency. After all, what is a Bazaar without a little personal color?

We promise an open marketplace of ideas – something fresh, exciting and fun. Something witty, wacky and wise – that evokes a smile, some thinking – best yet, a conversation and a connection with us and others around the globe.

Can you smell the leather of our Bazaar? See the landscape of the South China Sea? Get an inside peek at what’s cooking in the London tech scene? Experience the awe of hearing from a Silicon Valley insider?

Expect spectacle, insight, wit, an energetic crowd. Don’t anticipate the stifling effect of a heavy-handed editor. I got this far didn’t I?

We promise to show our human side and that means our emotional side: the stuff that truly upsets, amuses, entertains and intrigues us.

It’s a virtual Bazaar. Step right up, we have stories to share. Discussions promise to be lively.

You just might pick up something that will advance your business along the way. At the very least, we hope you are entertained.

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