This Week in PR: January 15, 2016

Is the newest social media platform as delicious as it sounds? Does the official PR definition need a spruce up? Find out what happened this week in PR.

Is the newest social media platform as delicious as it sounds? Does the official PR definition need a spruce up? What’s the best way to tweet that hard-to-reach reporter? Check out the Hoffman team’s favorite PR blog posts and articles from this week:

  1. When you hear the word “peach,” do you think fruit or social media platform? Vine founder Dom Hoffman has created this new social messaging platform that is being praised for its functionality and ease of use. PR Daily gives us the lowdown on whether or not Peach will stick around. The platform makes finding and sharing GIFs a breeze, features a hand-drawn image option, and a way to “shout out” your text. It’s most likely that other apps will take note of Peach’s bag of tricks and adapt their platforms.
  1. How do you describe your PR job to a friend? Bull Dog Reporter thinks it may be time to revisit the PRSA definition coined in 2011-12. Most definitions include the word “media,” but that is only one piece of the puzzle. Other aspects of the job today that deserve more credit include events, content marketing, Web analytics, social media, etc. Simply blasting out pitches with no strategy isn’t public relations. Simply put, media relations is only one part of the dynamic and ever-interesting world of PR.
  1. You may not be a photographer, but you probably still want killer photos to accompany that awesome content you have been working on. The answer is stock photos, but not the boring and out-of-date kind that may come to mind. The Meltwater PR Blog is here to rescue you by listing 10 stock photo resources to benefit your content marketing team. You are sure to find beautiful, appropriate and commercial-friendly images.
  1. Social media is a great tool for reaching out to the journalists; in fact, some reporters even ask for help finding sources on their own feeds. It can be a delicate balance of using the right social media etiquette, while also getting your message across. The Cision PR Blog shares three social pitching tips that you should ditch immediately. Keep those messages short and sweet, avoid incessant follow-ups and hone in on a reporter that you know will be interested. Mass tweeting is the direct equivalent of sending impersonal emails and will be treated in the same way: deleted and forgotten.
  1. Planning a trade show exhibit is no small task. You want it to stand out among all of the other booths, be fun, interactive and informative. The Beyond PR Blog has a few tips to create a visually consistent and interactive trade show experience for your client. It turns out you don’t need an inflatable wacky waving tube man; but a plan to make sure your booth is following your brand style guide is a must. Consider hiring a professional graphic designer, making sure your pre-show marketing materials mesh well and appeal to all five senses.

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