This Week in PR: February 5, 2016

This Week in PR

Is Kickstarter journalism’s new best friend? Is the upcoming increased Twitter character limit actually a good thing? Have you live streamed on Facebook yet? Check out the Hoffman team’s favorite PR blog posts and articles from this week:

  1. Learning how to successfully and creatively use case studies and testimonials is critical to adding credibility to your marketing materials. The Meltwater PR Blog has put together a few content marketing tips surrounding case studies. The first step to success is selecting a customer that represents your target audience. This means thinking about the industry, demographics, job title, etc. If you don’t choose someone who other potential customers will care about, then you will be doing work for nothing.
  1. Have you tried the new Facebook live stream feature? PR Daily lists a few guidelines to make sure that your live stream is as effective as possible. Although the feature was initially reserved for public figures, now anyone with an iPhone and Facebook account can broadcast in real time. When you are planning to live stream an event or presentation, make sure it is long enough to allow followers time to jump into the live stream. And remember to experiment with what works best for your target audience. This is a new platform, so there is a lot to learn!
  1. 140 characters is so last year. Rumor has it that Twitter is going to increase the limit to 10,000 character in a tweet. The Cision PR Blog thinks that this change to Twitter may benefit communication professionals. One of the biggest benefits is that longer tweets can be found better in organic searches. Being able to use more keywords to get your message across is always a good thing when it comes to SEO. This change could be in the best interest of PR professionals everywhere.
  1. What’s better than a regular marketing video? An interactive marketing video of course. This week the Bulldog Reporter shared the findings of a new interactive video study conducted by Brightcove. The study’s definition of interactive video included paths/branching in the video, quizzes, clickable video hotspots and clickable buttons. The study found that the Top 3 benefits of interactive videos were greater engagement, longer viewing time and heightened understanding of audience behavior.
  1. While we knew that Kickstarter could be a great place to raise money for startups, it turns out that journalists are taking a piece of the “funds pie” as well. PR Newser published the findings of a new Pew Research study that implies that journalism and Kickstarter are now allies. Over the past six years there have been 658 journalism-related projects proposed on the crowdfunding website, and all either matched or exceeded their goal. Maybe the general public isn’t as blasé about reporting as previously thought.

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