This Week in PR: December 4, 2015

Are robots going to take over PR? Who should you be listening to on social media? Here's what you missed this week in PR.

Are robots going to take over PR? Who should you be listening to on social media? Can you afford to hire a designer? Check out the Hoffman team’s favorite PR blog posts and articles from this week:

  1. Who doesn’t love a look into the future, especially when it might help you do your job better? PR Newser reported on the three social media trends to look for in 2016. The highlights? More channel building, more live streaming and more influencer marketing. Taking advantage of these trends as soon as possible can mean more engagement for your brand on all of your social channels and beyond.
  1. You know it’s not good news when data leaks and children are in the same sentence. PRDaily reported that V-tech has suffered a high-profile data breach that exposed more than 6.37 million child profiles. However there is a silver lining: the hacker does not plan on publishing or selling the stolen data. V-tech has since taken down its Learning Lodge and several other portals, admitting that its database wasn’t as secure as it should have been.
  1. Are you doing all of the talking on your social media channel, but no listening? The Cision Blog suggests five audiences that your brands should be listening to — including influencers. Sorting through all of the noise can be a difficult, but rewarding task. Building up a list of influencers in your brand’s industry is a must to starting a trusted relationship with your audience. It can also give you insight into what your brand should be posting about.
  1. Robots may take over the world one day, but not the PR industry, according to PR Week’s post on why robots won’t take over public relations. There is already software out there that is being used to write news reports about corporate finances and crime. But that only goes for the newsroom. You shouldn’t be worried about them in PR just yet. Robots aren’t nearly as creative, visual, or topical as PR professionals. How’s that for a compliment?
  1. We know that most PR professionals are experts at multitasking, but sometimes there aren’t enough hours in the day for everything. To help you take a load off, the Meltwater PR Blog published a post on when and how to hire a designer for your brand’s content marketing. Let’s face it … looks do matter when it comes to website design. Plus, design work can take hours away from creating the actual content. This post breaks down how much time design typically takes and how much a designer would cost to help you fit the extra expense into your bottom line.

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