This Week’s HA Jamz Harvest

HA Jamz - Home Grown Tomatoes

By Shereen Masoud-Jointe, Account Executive (Europe)


What do honeybees, lemons, feet and tomatoes have in common? The HA Jamz playlist, for one. This week’s list brought together some seemingly disparate elements, but we like it “just the way it is.”  


31.  Honeybee — The Head and the Heart

32.  The Sore Feet Song — Ally Kerr

33.  Lemon — Kenshi Yonezu

34.  Homegrown Tomatoes — Guy Clark

35.  Just the Way You are— Bruno Mars


Hoffman’s creative director, Chauncey Hill, shared a touching story about why produce reminds him of family:


“Who writes songs about tomatoes? Who listens to songs about tomatoes?

“Honestly, this is not one of my ‘go to’ songs. I’ve never really liked tomatoes. My daughters can attest to this.

“Every year, on her birthday, my oldest daughter spends the day cooking, roasting, peeling, saucing and canning tomatoes with her friends. They start early and end late. I believe she started this 10-11 years ago, and hasn’t missed a year. She would do this at her mother’s house. Here’s a picture from 2014. That was their thing. I loved that.

“Fast forward to today, my youngest daughter and her son Ziggy moved next door to me a year ago. They are prolific gardeners (who has a compost bin in their back yard?). 10 foot sunflowers, broccoli, strawberries, romaine, beets, kale and tomatoes.

“This past month, I have been treated to the best tomatoes ever! It helps that they are delivered by a 2-year-old that calls me GanPa. I am absolutely blessed to have them so close, especially with the pandemic. I love this song because I believe we all have something ‘… that money can’t buy’ — my relationships, my family and an unconditional love I try to give my kids.”


As always, you can follow along on our Spotify playlist.

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