This Week in PR: September 4th

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Can you successfully describe your job to a five year old? What are your bad PR habits that need breaking? Can your company take a page out of Donald Trump’s book? Check out the Hoffman teams’ favorite PR blog posts from this week:

  1. Learn how a viral hashtag inspired nine big brands to describe their jobs to five year olds on Twitter from PR Week. Our personal favorite? Logitech’s “We protect iPads from boo boos.”
  2. Have an end-of-summer vacation planned? The Meltwater Blog gives suggestions on how to keep your social media channels thriving while you are away. There might even be room to share a holiday selfie. 🙂
  3. Have you picked up some bad practices since starting your career in the PR industry? PR Daily will set you straight and let you know which five habits you need to break. Don’t fall into the press-release whirlpool!
  4. Still haven’t seen that interview turn into coverage? Never fear, the Shift Agency PR Blog shares some steps you can take to get that coverage even up to a year later! The biggest takeaway: offer something new!
  5. Love him or hate him, Donald Trump has made a big splash in election coverage. Bulldog Reporter dishes on the branding lessons from Donald Trump’s campaign. Apparently disruption is the new innovation. Who knew?

Check back weekly for more This Week in PR roundups to discover more awesome PR trends and news.

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