This Week in PR: September 11th

Are you having trouble finding the right social influencer for your brand? What is actually going on inside the heads of millennials? Can you name some of the big myths about public relations? Check out the Hoffman teams’ favorite PR blog posts from this week:

  1. According to PR News, the best storytellers for a company are its employees. Does your company have established employee social media guidelines? Don’t miss out on sharing your company culture because you are wary of employees using social media against you.
  2. Public relations is hard to explain to those that have never heard of it, but even within the PR world there are some myths. PR Daily sets us straight with 6 facts and myths about public relations. Are press releases really dead? Read and find out.
  3. Apple is one of the BIG brands that companies look up to, but what are four tech savvy PR execs looking for at this week’s Apple event? Answers may or may not include tablets, the story of Apple TV and general pizzazz.
  4. The ever-elusive millennials are a hot market to tap for many brands, but how can you most effectively do that? Bulldog Reporter gets inside the mind of a millennial marketer to pick her brain about strategies for selling to the generation.
  5. Finding key influencers in the industry for your client is often a top priority for many PR professionals. The Shift PR Blog breaks down four important factors for the ever important influencer search.

Check back every  Friday for our This Week in PR roundups to discover more timely PR trends and news.

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