This Week in PR: October 30, 2015

This Week in PR

Does Uber actually prove the phrase “all press is good press”? Should you be writing listicles for your client? Which World Series team has the best story to tell? Check out the Hoffman team’s favorite PR blog posts and articles from this week:

  1. You may run an awesome social media account for your clients, but you can’t be posting ALL the time. The Meltwater PR Blog shares three ways to get your customers posting more content about your brand. Remember, it’s a two-way street. If you highlight the customers that share fun content about your brand, that’s more incentive for others to post as well.
  1. From your grocery list, to your to-do list, to the 8 billion “listicles” we see on the Internet every day, there is no question that we do live in the age of the list. In a somewhat ironic fashion, PR Daily shares the eight reasons why lists are the worst form of content. While they certainly should not be replacing well-researched journalism, there are reasons for their popularity: they are to the point, can be humorous and easy to share. So maybe there is a place for the good old listicle after all. The Internet seems to think so.
  1. Although some may think that Twitter is something only to be used for fun, the Beyond PR Blog argues that Twitter data can be used to gather industry intelligence. This post mentions 10 things that you’ll want to monitor at least weekly. From customer to competitor insights, there is a wealth of knowledge that PR professionals haven’t had nearly as much access to in the past. Use it!
  1. Chances are you have used Uber to hitch a ride at some point AND you have also heard about all of Uber’s bad press. PR Newser muses about how Uber proves bad PR doesn’t always mean bad for business. There is certainly a little truth in the phrase, “There is no such thing as bad publicity.” Uber is not new to bad publicity — from CEO Travis Kalanick sticking his foot in his mouth to Uber drivers doing terrible things to their passengers. But because there hasn’t been a widespread boycott of Uber services, maybe the brand should just be glad people haven’t stopped talking about it.
  1. You may not be into baseball, but more than likely you at least love a good story. PR Week asked two top communicators to make a case for which World Series team had the best story to tell. Whether it be a real connection to their fan base or the underdog mentality, both teams have a story they are bursting to tell, but only one can win. Who will it be?

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