This Week in PR: October 23, 2015

This Week in PR

What do dating and media relations have in common? What‘s the secret to making viral videos? How can you make your press release spooky for Halloween? Check out the Hoffman team’s favorite PR blog posts and articles from this week:

  1. Courting a potential love interest and pitching news to a journalist have some shockingly similar strategies. At least that is what PR Daily conveys in its list of 10 dating techniques to improve your media relations. One of the top tips shared was to take an interest in your intended’s work. If you read a journalist’s articles and either reference them in an email or even comment on the article itself, it is way that they will more likely take a mutual interest in you.
  1. The future is now, at least according to the cinematic classic “Back to the Future” and PR Week. Multiple different brands smartly leveraged October 21, 2015 on social media this week because it was the day Marty McFly time-hopped to in the blockbuster film. Mixing pop culture with your brand is almost always a good idea, especially if it is something as beloved and nostalgic as “Back to the Future.” Our favorite campaign? Pepsi Perfect. But we do have one question: Do hover boards come with every purchase?
  1. Making viral videos that are watched by millions of people is no easy feat. And while there isn’t one secret formula to ensure success, Bulldog Reporter shared some research to help you get your video out there. Some of the main factors that seem to predict viral success of a video were the audience laughing at the video, celebrities sharing the video and the presence of animals. Kim Kardashian and puppies to the rescue!
  1. PR professionals love capitalizing on holidays (as they should, it is proven to drive traffic!). Since Halloween is coming up, The Beyond PR blog shared how to scare up an audience with spooky storytelling tips. Spoiler alert: these tips are good all year round, but you can leverage them to give your audience goose bumps this time of year. For example, setting the scene is essential to any story or press release.
  1. Although the general public might not know the difference between sales and PR, you certainly do! Sometimes these two teams can butt heads and follow different goals. The Meltwater PR Blog knows this and suggested some things that can help sales and PR speak the same language. They even came up with a clever way to help us remember them: BANT, which stands for Budget, Authority, Need and Timeframe.

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