This Week in PR: October 2, 2015

This Week in PR

What do the lunar eclipse and public relations have in common? Where is public relations going in the next 15 years? What social media rules are meant to be broken? Check out the Hoffman team’s favorite PR blog posts and articles from this week:

  1. Who doesn’t love breaking the rules? PR Daily sure does, sharing five social media rules that brand managers should break. Sure, there are rules for a reason, but blindly following them never made any brand stand out. The key is to ask yourself WHY you are following the rule and if it makes sense for your client. Critical thinking will always win the day.
  1. Did you catch the Lunar Eclipse this week? The PR Newsers team members did and they shared five things PR pros can learn from the rare cosmic happening. A creative way to look at the PR professional’s responsibilities, this list gives you a little history about the moon and some perspective to get you back working with a little more pep in your step.
  1. Sometimes it seems that PR consists of just sitting in front of your computer screen, building a brand one pixel at a time. But Shift Communications knows that there is something special to offline engagement. That’s why the team dedicated a blog this week to events and how to rock them from each side of the stage. Not treating the event like a mini vacation is a tip we can’t stress enough. Have fun, of course, but also do your job.
  1. Attention all social media managers: Are you annoying your followers? The Meltwater Blog lists five frustrating Twitter behaviors and how to avoid them. If you are using more than three hashtags per tweet, thanking every single person for following your account, or being added to random lists, take a gander at this article. It could save you some followers. #Embarrassing
  2. We love a good look into public relations’ future, don’t you? Bulldog Reporter contributor Lisa Seidenberg tries her hand at predicting the industry’s future, based on her experience as the associated vice president, Media Relations at Greentarget. A look into where PR has been is the key in determining where its future limits are.

Check back every Friday for our This Week in PR roundups to discover more PR trends and news.

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