This Week in PR: November 13, 2015

This Week in PR

What do Veterans Day and PR have in common? Is there a cure for your writer’s block? What is the best way to engage with millennials? Check out the Hoffman team’s favorite PR blog posts and articles from this week:

  1. While many celebrities and politicians celebrated Veterans Day with an Instagram post or important speech, PRNewser paid tribute by listing what PR professionals could learn from the heroes of our nation. One of the best lessons to learn from? Do your job no matter what is happening around you. Whether it is a crisis situation, a work triumph or another boring day in the office, always doing the best you can is what will set you apart from your colleagues.
  1.  Almost every client wants to tap into the millennial audience, but what does that really mean? The Meltwater PR blog shares tips for how to connect with and engage the ever-elusive millennial. The first thing you need to know? There is no average millennial. There is no magic strategy for how to gain the attention of all millennials, which just means you need to be more specific when creating your PR plan. Do you want to target millennials that care about social causes or the music scene or the latest in science? Streamline first, and then start planning.
  1. Is the traditional press release really dead? Bulldog Reporter answers this question and what companies can do to upgrade their own releases. Public companies still find the traditional press release useful, while private companies seem to be better off pitching highly targeted media contacts to get out their news. If you are determined to keep the press release alive, make sure yours is relevant to current news and concisely highlight why you are writing it. Extra points for avoiding industry jargon.
  1. Whether you are blogging daily for your client, your agency or even yourself, you probably use one of the popular blog platform websites like WordPress. But are you optimizing every post? The Cision PR Blog shared how to best structure your content in WordPress. Yes the actual content is important, but if you don’t optimize the headlines, hyperlinks, quotes, and more, fewer people will see the content you worked so hard to create. This post details why structure is important, examples for how that structure will look on an actual post, and the HTML code to achieve it on your own.
  1. Are you burdened by writer’s block? While it might be impossible to completely get rid of this literary ailment, PR Daily is giving you the tools to help minimize it. Check out this infographic that helps you decide what time of day you are most creative. If you are someone who is inspired by what has happened to you, it might be best to write in the evening when you have a whole day’s worth of events to pull inspiration from.

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