This Week in PR: August 28th

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Are you dealing with negative social media comments in the right way? Think that you can’t learn new skills just because you aren’t in school? At a loss for what to read as a security PR professional?

Check out our favorite blog posts from PR and communications bloggers this week:

  1. Ever struggle with addressing negative social media comments? PR Daily shows us how with an insightful infographic.
  2. Just because you aren’t still in school doesn’t mean you can’t learn! Spin Sucks gives PR professionals a back-to-school guide for the workplace.
  3. PR Newser shares 5 things every security PR pro should read to be on their “A game.”
  4. Turns out that Game of Thrones may have more in common with crisis communications than you would have thought, according to PR Week.
  5. Getting into the groove of things at your first PR job may not be as easy as you thought. Shift PR Blog shares the 3 challenges every entry-level PR pro faces.

Check back every week for more installments of This Week in PR to discover other useful and entertaining public relations articles.

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