The Versatility of Tech PR

sarah rodden tech pr intern

By Sarah Rodden, Intern

I think the saying, “time flies when you’re having fun,” truly encapsulates my time interning for The Hoffman Agency. I can’t believe how quickly the past three months have flown by and that I’m already sitting down to write my final blog. It seems like it was just yesterday, I was sipping on a an iced matcha and drafting my intro blog, excited for what was ahead. As this internship comes to a close, I’m taking the time to reflect on what a valuable experience it has been.

My favorite part of this experience has been the people. Something that stood out to me in the interview process was how caring and eager of all of Hoffman’s employees were to help. Any expectations I had for the support system have been greatly exceeded. Every project I embarked on, I felt well-prepared and was given ample resources to ensure I was set up for success. This has been extremely valuable for my growth, and it speaks to Hoffman’s company culture. Starting as an intern, feeling supported has been vital in my success.

I’m thankful and honored to work for an agency that prioritizes their employees and their well-being above all else. I’m incredibly grateful that Hoffman sees the value in a healthy work-life balance and has initiatives such as the wellness hour and early release Fridays in place. This allowed me to fully immerse myself in work, but also gave me time to explore my passions outside of it. I set a goal for myself to explore a new hike every week, and the early release Fridays made that a reality.

Not only has this been an enriching opportunity to have hands-on experience in PR, but it has simultaneously broadened my knowledge in the industry. What I found to be most interesting and exciting is the versatility of PR and the tech industry. I discovered first-hand the power earned media holds to connect with an audience and amplify a client’s reach to make a lasting impact.

I also learned how extensively intertwined the tech industry is with a wide range of fields. I found this range interesting and was surprised to find myself researching topics that draw on my other passions such as sustainability and policy change. This was something I could not have anticipated prior to my internship and was a refreshing and exciting surprise.

The best advice I received was to do introductory research to familiarize myself with the clients prior to meeting with them. I found this to be very helpful to feel more comfortable with the tech jargon and made me feel more confident attending those initial meetings. The best advice I would give to someone starting in tech PR would be to do your research and ask questions. Ask all your questions no matter how dumb they may seem in the moment; I promise everyone has had the same question at some point. Lastly, utilize all the resources you are provided with and trust yourself.

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