The State of Social Media, 2013:

Social Media Evolution

How Social Media Will Evolve for Business Communications This Year

By Esha Lotey

The Hoffman Agency, London

The mobile social Web is undisputedly important, especially as it has executed an influential role in our popular culture and media consumption. The year 2013 is only going to strengthen this globally. A smartphone and an Internet wireless signal are pretty much all you need in order to keep in touch with people wherever you are.

Personally, I believe that content communicated via social media marketing is a trend that will dominate 2013. One should not underestimate the value that content brings, particularly as it has become mainstream and the foundation in social media marketing efforts. Content presented through digital media is set to increase this year with help from tailored content marketing tools, tactics and strategies. These should follow the paradigm that social, search and content are ever more intertwined and connected.

Twitter usage will also evolve and grow this year. Brands will no longer be fixated on the black-and-white model that Twitter cannot engage with an audience effectively. In fact, the 140-character limit encourages organisations to appeal to younger generations, especially as Facebook continues to enforce censors and privacy questions on its pages.

Additionally, businesses should seriously consider making their websites optimized for mobile browsing. Recent reports have shown that approximately 60 per cent of consumers are using mobiles to browse a website rather than the traditional PC. This stat alone should cause companies to make mobile optimization a business goal.

To wrap up, 2013 should be seen as the year for mobile dominance: social media will no longer be viewed as a “new” phenomenon, but as a tool to connect on all levels. It is a tool to be used strategically to convey your business’s message and will ultimately prove to be a powerful asset for a business’ marketing and communications needs. 

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