Stumbling into Tech PR

Ming Gao

By Ming Gao, Intern

Entering college, I always knew I wanted to major in something that could combine my interest in business and marketing with my creative side. That is why communications and media studies fit me perfectly because I could apply my interests to many different avenues; the possibilities were endless.

The difficult part was discovering where to apply them.

Through process of elimination, I realized that writing is one of my strong suits and ran with it. I decided to give journalism a try and in my introductory course quickly realized that perhaps I wouldn’t be the best news reporter. (Unfortunately, my pitches like “Best Coffee Spots in the City,” weren’t exactly newsworthy enough.) Thankfully, my classes did allow me to learn about the PR field in which connecting brands and the media intrigued me immensely.

I stumbled upon The Hoffman Agency online and was excited to learn more about the tech agency environment. The Hoffman Agency stood out to me due to its driving mission of storytelling and its welcoming culture. Having never worked in the B2B tech sector before, I wanted to challenge myself and learn more about a new industry that I wouldn’t have been exposed to otherwise.

My first week at the agency was a mix of nerves and excitement. With internship being hybrid, the first day in the office felt especially exciting when meeting in person. It has now been a couple weeks since I joined the agency, and I’ve been onboarding to become familiar with the inner workings of the software and telecoms accounts. Industry terms such as SaaS, wireless, etc., still feel new and intimidating, but exposure and asking questions are all a part of the learning process.

One thing that amazes me is seeing the workflow and team collaboration on the accounts at Hoffman. A task or assignment will always go through various members for review and collaboration which makes for a positive work environment. As an intern, I feel comfortable in asking questions and supported to grow professionally. The people truly make the culture and work environment.

Post-grad is definitely a time of learning and growth. From the changes in daily routine and balancing work time, I am still figuring out the best habits to form. One thing that has not changed for me is my daily cup of coffee or matcha to keep me energized in the morning. After work, I try to stay active in my free time, try new foods with friends and watch a sitcom or reality show to unwind. These activities help me feel recharged and ready to tackle a new workday.

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