Study Reveals Personality Traits of “Dog People” vs. “Cat People”

How cat people and dog people differ in personality.

By Sara Staffaroni
The Hoffman Agency, San Jose

According to a new study from UC Berkeley and California State University, East Bay, there are distinctive personality traits between people who identify themselves as a “cat person,” or a “dog person.”


The study found that 38 percent of people consider themselves more as “dog people,” 19 percent more as a “cat people” and 39 percent associate as both. They also found that “cat people” tend to be more adventurous and creative, but also more anxious than “dog people.” On the other hand, “dog people” tend to be more extroverted, secure and resistant to adventure.

But here is the kicker — people that expressed the most affection for their dog or cat, rated as the most neurotic!

Researchers believe that pet owners who scored higher in neuroticism, are more affectionate and dependent on their pets due to the associated higher level of anxious attachment. Whether this is true or not, one thing is certain — the pets definitely benefit from the extra affection.

This study inspired me to reach out to my fellow Hoffman peers to see who in the office is a “cat person” or “dog person.” Check out below a few example of Hoffman folks who adore their pets!

Emily Scher, Account Coordinator

Staffaroni Image 4

Name of Pet: Addie

Weirdest thing(s) your pet does: Addie does a lot of weird stuff regularly! When I get ready for work in the morning she sits on my feet. Also, when she plays with other dogs she does it the laziest way possible and just lays down while they drag her.

What you love most about your pet: I love how much personality she has. She whines when she’s frustrated and she’s very cuddly and lays in bed with me every night.

Shared personality traits: Actually, Addie and I are the complete opposite. She’s very outgoing and will play with any dog or jump on any person’s lap. I’m a little more shy and introverted.

Lauren Ho, Senior Account Executive

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Name of Pet: Tobie

Weirdest thing(s) your pet does: Weighing in at 120 pounds, you’d think that Tobie would be a macho dog. But no, he is a big baby. He’s deathly afraid of being brushed. As soon as we get the brush out, he starts running full speed in the opposite direction.

What you love most about your pet: I love the fact that even though Tobie is a giant, he still thinks he’s a tiny little lap dog. His favorite thing to do is sit right on top of your feet so that you’re forced to stay put and cuddle with him.

Shared personality traits: We both love our sleep. Unfortunately, he gets to do a lot more of that than I do!

Megan Bauer, Account Executive

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Name of Pet: Salem

Weirdest thing(s) your pet does: Back in college, I sold my bed and she was in the bedframe while it was taken out of the house (no one knew). She stayed in the bedframe the entire way to the buyer’s house and then came out when they brought it inside. The bed was transported in the back of a truck, which drove on a freeway going 65 miles an hour for about 45 minutes, and she stayed in there the whole time.

What you love most about your pet: She is a total comedian and a klutz.

Shared personality traits: We are both good at lounging but are also very hyper and will have random spurts of energy. Mine generally include hopping, and she’s more prone to sprinting throughout the entire house like she’s in the Indy 500.

Jacqueline Velasco, Account Manager

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Name of Pets: Peanut (white Chihuahua) Peabody (black and tan Chiweenie)

Weirdest thing(s) your pets do: Peanut used to live with an old, grumpy, obese wiener dog who would eat all of Peanut’s food if he didn’t eat it fast enough — so to this day Peanut will hide any cookies or dog treats I give him. As for Peabody, for a while when he was a puppy he would eat not only his but also Peanut’s “doo-doo.” He is quite the weirdo if you ask me.

What you love most about your pets: I love that even though Peanut is an old man (12 years this month), he still has the heart and energy of a younger dog. He has also taken Peabody under his wing and acted as his older brother/dad figure. As for Peabody, he is so good with my baby; you can tell he is very protective of her.

Shared personality traits: I would say I most resemble the personality of Peanut — he is not someone who easily trusts others. That is something that needs to be earned, but once you earn his trust, he is loyal to a fault (much like myself).

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