Starting My First Job in the Middle of a Global Pandemic

By Christian Demaude, Intern

Hey there all, I’m Chris one of the new interns at Hoffman. Having just completed my first month with the Agency I feel fairly equipped to say the following: 2021 is weird. A hot take, to be sure. Ever since the start of 2020, the reality we live in has been pretty rough – something which feels all the truer now that I’ve begun working. It has been an interesting challenge to adapt to, especially since I’ve never had an internship nevertheless a job before – both a blessing and a curse. I’ve never known another way to work other than remote, so working from home hasn’t been as confusing for me as I’m sure it has others. On the flip side, the social element of work has been heavily disturbed by the pandemic, and while I am fortunate to work with the HA-Europe team, there aren’t any other European interns for me to chat with.

PR intern desk setup

Thankfully, I’ve been able to interact a little with my US counterparts who have been lovely, and the EU team has also wonderful, so the social element of the job hasn’t been anywhere near as dire as it could have been.

The New Year along with this new job has helped give me a little more perspective and take time to enjoy smaller things now that my time is more limited. In preparation for this blog post I tidied up my desk and decorated it, hoping to provide a moderately interesting image to accompany the post. This process was surprisingly really enjoyable, I went down a big nostalgia trip as I hunted different things from my childhood room that I thought would make fun set-dressing and have now become a permanent addition to my daily space. Though admittedly the picture you’re seeing is a little disingenuous: I’ve removed the four-ish mugs which often lay scattered across the desk like chips across a poker table.

Another thing I’ve found surprisingly enjoyable about working from home is simply how much freedom it gives me to jam. When I’m not in a meeting, I’m happily bopping along to a number of my own carefully curated Spotify playlists, or enjoying the impeccable music taste of the other intern and our supervisors – Mikaela’s Indie Pop Princess playlist is a true banger. So far working from home has been pretty good, all things considered. And while I’m still learning how to handle the transition into a life of full-time work, I’m glad to be doing it alongside everyone else at The Hoffman Agency who have been unimaginably kind. I’m excited to use this internship as an opportunity to learn new styles of writing and storytelling; hopefully by the time it’s over I’ll be another step closer to writing something really special.

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