Where I Am Now – The Difference is Night and Day

By Sophia Gilbert, Account Coordinator

Sophia Gilbert graduation photo

It’s difficult to put into words how much I’ve grown as I approach my first two months at The Hoffman Agency.

Upon joining, I was immediately connected to an entry-level program led by the lovely Mikaela Farasyn and Brooklynn Loiselle – an outlet I could turn to for advice and support, allowing me to seamlessly settle into my new role.

I reckon it’s rare to find a place that successfully balances pushing you to be your best while prioritizing the well-being of its employees. However, I’ve seen the people at Hoffman excel in this department by continuously checking in and rooting for one another.

“Don’t Get Hung up on the Little Things.”

At the beginning of my Hoffman journey, I was told it takes time to adjust to a new role and to stop being so hard on myself if I didn’t have all the answers right away. Although it’s easier said than done, it’s important to consider in all aspects of life because the mind is a powerful tool that can work with you or against you. What I mean is that it’s all about your mindset; the only way to flourish when faced with a new challenge is to embrace the uncomfortable.

For example, I remember in my first week the influx of emails and fast-paced environment seemed overwhelming. Little did I know I’d be acclimated to the routine in less than two short months or would soon prefer this level of urgency.

Industry Insight

Additionally, I’ve learned It’s OK to be creative; better yet, it’s highly encouraged. I used to feel like there was a right and wrong to everything, especially being a new working professional in the PR industry. Of course, there are expectations and standards, but it doesn’t mean there’s a clear-cut path leading you to a correct answer.

I’ll admit, I’ve caught myself drafting “sales-y” content that’s no fun to read because I’m hyper-focused on delivering a technically-sound final product. But the PR industry is rapidly evolving, and I’ve found how critical it is to implement compelling storytelling if I want to resonate with today’s public, influence behavior and craft content that matters.

Exposure and New Opportunities

I feel lucky to work with colleagues whose talent and diverse skills allow me to gain exposure to different sectors, ranging from traditional PR (as I expected) to social media.

Did I envision myself working on an account where one of my primary responsibilities would be to develop social media content? The answer is no, but I’ll tell you, it’s been incredibly fulfilling to build a social media presence from the ground up – playing a massive role in creating a company’s unique voice.

Taking on Tech: My Advice to You

As cliché as it may sound, remember to trust the process and be confident.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a tech expert from the start; what matters is if you have a deep enough interest in the industry to go the extra mile and learn. Though I started with a general understanding of tech, I relied on my research skills and curiosity to set myself up for success.

Most importantly: ask questions, and don’t be afraid to speak up! Your ideas and expertise are valued more than you may know.

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