How Hoffman Continues to Inspire My Post-Grad Career Trajectory

Sophia Gilbert headshot

By Sophia Gilbert, Account Coordinator 

As graduation approached, so did my anxiety about securing a job that fulfilled me. While the thought of propelling myself into the “real world” was thrilling, navigating post-graduation plans during a global pandemic wasn’t easy. It exacerbated feelings of uncertainty and pressure surrounding any decision-making.

I knew I wanted to be challenged, apply my passion for writing and strengthen my overall professional skills. Also, I was acutely aware of my appreciation for a compelling story and had an undeniable love for traditional PR.

Nearing the end of my final term at the University of Oregon, I sat in my portfolio-building class with my peers. We were completing an exercise urging us to think about what we needed from an employer to be happy. I thought long and hard, realizing the culture within an organization was especially important to me. I also wanted to ensure my workplace offered adequate support for entry-level candidates.

Eventually, I came across The Hoffman Agency — a place that checked all my boxes. Although I didn’t have the utmost knowledge about tech, Hoffman’s emphasis on storytelling intrigued me; I was curious to learn the ins and outs of an industry that is ingrained so deeply into our everyday lives. The people at Hoffman were another major factor responsible for swaying me in the agency’s direction by making me feel confident that it was the place for me.

The outpouring of support my colleagues have bestowed on me thus far is motivating. I’m eager to gain experience from the best and work alongside such an intelligent group of PR professionals. In addition, I’m lucky to be a part of an agency that fosters its employees’ growth and always encourages everyone to dig deeper.

Even though these are early days with the team, what I suspected made Hoffman special is now confirmed. I won’t lie; the transition into agency life has been an adjustment, and it will certainly keep me on my toes. However, I’ve already learned more than I could have imagined, thanks to the constant reassurance that “no question is dumb.” Being trusted and given the independence to figure new tasks out for myself (knowing I always have a colleague to turn to for assistance if needed) proves those around me believe I’m capable.

I strive to continue building on this newfound confidence Hoffman has instilled in me and to remain ambitious throughout my professional career. As I said before, I love a good challenge.

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