An Open Invitation to Join the Smiley Face Movement


Photo Credit: SteveNakatani via Compfight cc

By Steve Burkhart
The Hoffman Agency, San Jose

Howdy, world. Some have questioned why I often put a smiley face at the end of my emails. “You are a sophisticated visual and written communicator; don’t you think you can express yourself better than that?”

That’s a good question to ask in a world of infographics, charts, video clips, SlideShares and other images that we often use in our client communications.

But the short answer is no — nothing is better than sending a little smiley face with an email. 🙂

In this world when short and terse are often the norm in busy days, tone can be lost and easily be interpreted as:








But if you tag your email with a smiley face, it reinforces the notion that you are sending good vibes to the receiving parties. You are sending good Karma. You are sending happiness.


So I ask you to join the movement that has already caught on at The Hoffman Agency; send a smiley face with your next email.

For the record, you make a smiley face by typing in a capital J and then put it in a wingdings font. 🙂

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