What’s Your Secret PR Superpower?

What comes to mind when you think of the word superhero? You might think of the men and women who wear capes in the movies you grew up watching, or maybe your mind goes to people in your life who are your inspiration. Here at The Hoffman Agency, we think of our employees and other PR pros as our superheroes!

They constantly save the day with their quick wit, unique craft and selfless dedication. They put on their cape of communication every day to take their clients to new heights with their extraordinary abilities and powers.

We like to think that all PR professionals self-identify with one of the following four superhero personas: Media Relations Maven, Social Media Savior, Captain Content Development or the Crisis Communications Crusader.

Which PR Superhero are you? Take the test and find out:

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Learn more about your superhero persona, below:

Media Relations Maven:

From pitching under pressure to building relationships with key media outlets – the Media Relations Maven exemplifies enhanced interpersonal ability. Wielding their long list of personal contacts and superior ability to connect with others, the Maven goes above and beyond to secure top-tier coverage.

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Social Media Savior:

Social media-ville may be full of villains and heroes alike, but the Social Media Savior brings peace, transparency and a few good memes to all. With their quick-witted ability to craft a tweet and a deep understanding of current trends, the Savior can take any social media troll down. Whatever you do, don’t @ them.

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Captain Content Development:

Captain Content Development creatively navigates brands through any announcement or story by crafting unique messaging. Even when encountering villainous hurdles, the Captain employs their trusted techniques of levity, context, humanity and drama to develop a crisp storyline that speaks to target audiences.

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Crisis Communications Crusader:

When evil strikes, the Crisis Communications Crusader protects all by bringing justice to the storyline and integrity to the reputation at risk. With their enhanced sense of honesty and ability to manage information calmly, the Crusader transforms any crisis into an opportunity.

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While each superhero exhibits distinctive strengths, they all have one thing in common: their storytelling ability.

Want to join the follow PR superheroes here at The Hoffman Agency? Check out our career page to learn more.

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