Practicing Creativity

By Jennifer Yoder, Account Coordinator

Jennifer Yoder headshot

As with any new job, I have learned new skills and developed a better sense of self and meaning during my time at The Hoffman Agency. I’m lucky enough to be at an agency where growth opportunities are endless, and resources are everywhere. Working at a tech PR agency, you quickly learn how fast the markets move, what the trends in your sector look like and what it takes for a company to create a lasting brand image and voice.

While working on my accounts, I’ve learned things like timing is crucial, such as timely responses to a client or teammate are so important for the day-to-day success of the team. Similarly, learning to prioritize client and team needs while finding a way to be creative with messaging (even if it’s just in an email) has been one of my favorite lessons. I enjoy routine and developing processes that work for me, which is necessary for any role. This is especially true in PR. Within that same vein, I’ve learned that reading everything and staying in the know is just as important as showing up to work.

My favorite thing about PR and being at The Hoffman Agency is that creativity and collaboration are present in every meeting, piece of content or website. Some of my favorite projects have been developing pitches or reworking bylines because I love how there are so many different ways to tell a story. And with that, the agency has helped me to become a better storyteller.

During our agency’s famous storytelling workshop, I received some of the best advice to date – practice your creative writing everywhere. Whether that be in a text message to a friend, an emailed response or even journaling on your own. It seems simple enough, but the art of practicing everywhere is worth unpacking. The key takeaway there is that this mindset almost forces you to remain engaged and on the hunt for new words or ways to phrase a sentence. You become hyperaware of writing styles and learn how create your own.

If I could advise someone thinking about jumping into PR, I would encourage them to read everything, be original in your thoughts and stay curious.

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