Becoming a PR Pro in 90 Days

By Lorena Essmeier, Assistant Account Executive, Hoffman Europe

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OK, I’m sorry to let you down … I haven’t become a PR professional (yet), but I do know that The Hoffman Agency offers the ideal environment to become one, and here are some reasons why:

Let’s go back to the start. On my very first day at work, I had the opportunity to meet The Hoffman Agency’s European Managing Director Mark Pinsent in Munich. Besides an introduction to the basics, structures and tasks of the agency, we talked about personal topics such as our love for dogs and good food. (Speaking of which – we had a great curry at the Viktualienmarkt. Highly recommended if you’re ever in Munich!).

The conversation created a pleasant, relaxed and yet professional atmosphere. Mark made it clear that I always could — and should — ask questions. Simply be curious.

As positive as my journey at Hoffman began, it continued. Instead of being overloaded with clients and tasks, I was introduced to my area of responsibility step by step. Of course, I asked a lot of questions (and I still do), but even if I threw in a “sorry for all the questions,” I was always told: “No reason to apologize, ask away. I’m happy to help you.” That helped me immensely to get into this big and complex PR world.

What also positively struck me was the fact that you don’t just have one person who shows you everything. I had calls with different colleagues who taught me about various topics. So not only did I get to learn more in the professional field, but I also got to know my coworkers (better).

Having previously worked on a company’s social media team for months, I have to say that agency life is very different. Instead of working on multiple projects for one company, in an agency, you work on several projects for multiple clients. That makes for variety, but also requires some — or rather a lot — of organization. And here’s my message to newbies: Don’t stress; it’ll work out! Reminders in your Outlook calendar, to-do lists and the flagging function for emails will become your friends, and with time, organizing will become a reflex.

Something that was always very important to me and that only Hoffman could truly fulfil was working internationally! I have family in several countries, and I grew up bilingual, so naturally, this was something that I wanted my job to include as well. Apart from having colleagues from many different places, clients are also often set up globally — which is why I get to do tasks in German as well as in English.

Of course, not everything is a walk in the park; it doesn’t have to be, and frankly, it’s not supposed to be. At Hoffman, it’s about being willing to learn and being curious. Here everyone is given the opportunity to learn and to develop. So, everyone can become a PR pro here — maybe not in 90 days, but definitely someday!

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