How to Dress for a Successful PR Interview

By Michelle Favalora

The Hoffman Agency, San Jose


You think you’re ready.

You’ve spent hours editing your resume, stalking researching the company and preparing your LinkedIn profile, but you may have overlooked a very critical piece of the job interview puzzle – your interview outfit.

Public relations professionals use creativity, organization, trending topics and so much more to help share their clients’ stories and capture the attention of target audiences. In a PR interview, it’s important to be able to represent yourself using the same techniques.

You want to show your interviewer that you can take risks, research trends and stay organized. Why not let your appearance do the talking?

Check out my assessment below analyzing how four true fashion experts (and fellow Hoffman-ites) Jackie Velasco, Patrick Dorn, Erin Hartwig and Katie Oxenford use their outfits to express their PR qualifications.

(Click to enlarge)

Interview Outfit No. 1:

PR job interview tips


Interview Outfit No. 2:

PR job interview tips 

Interview Outfit No. 3:

PR job interview tips


Interview Outfit No. 4:

PR job interview tips


Now you can head into that interview with the confidence that you’re completely prepared. For those of you with interviews approaching, good luck!



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