PR Worldwide: The Intern’s Journey at Hoffman Hong Kong


By Lydia Lau
Hoffman Hong Kong

It’s more than just photocopying or helping senior team members fill in expense claim forms. At Hoffman, the intern’s experience is different.

Each year, Hoffman’s Hong Kong office hires a select team of interns, who have many stories to tell about their journeys with us. Most recently, Alaric Ng and Anne Yeung filled the Hoffman intern shoes and enjoyed some extraordinary times with us.

While they worked on local initiatives and accounts, Alaric and Anne also had the opportunity to produce a one minute video for internal Asia Pacific “Town Hall Meeting” with our global CEO, Lou Hoffman. The video introduced the HK market, teaching other teams about the market and vice versa. 

They also worked with Lou on a research for our Brand China Global Roundtable in Beijing and discussed the relationship between Chinese companies and their global aspirations, which you can see here. The project was in partnership with BBC and Campaign Asia, and both interns participated in various stages of new business development.  

Anne researched the 10 largest Chinese state owned enterprises, largest non-state owned enterprises and largest U.S. companies. Their research helped identify the United States as the current market leader, but also showed that it’s lagging in growth rates.

Beyond receiving agency experience from working on our account teams, they also learn about the Hoffman culture.

To end their internships with the perfect finale, we celebrated their time here with a flair of Hong Kong culture — all food related, of course.

While we’ve continued our “senior team serving others” culture, like Flippin’ Pancakes, we also managed to celebrate our interns with an official farewell lunch.


Then on their last day, we made shaved ice with red bean. With Buzz Lightyear’s help, shaving ice became a lot easier! Alaric enjoyed the shaved ice with red bean a lot.


On Anne’s last day, we made pancakes from scratch. Flipping was actually the easy part. We also served pancakes (crepes) in Hong Kong style.

Our goal was to make sure our interns left with a wealth of education and experience. In the end, both Alaric and Anna learned about PR from their colleagues and felt like real contributors to the team’s efforts. We sincerely wish Alaric and Anne success in the future, and we hope that we will meet again soon!

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