PR Agency Life: Day 1 Gets Personal

By Mikaela Farasyn

As an incoming account coordinator to the Portland Hoffman office, I quickly learned on my first day what makes this agency tick.

Team collaboration is key to company culture and inspiring creativity. With today’s workforce, not only is it important to create and encourage team dynamics, but it’s also necessary. Creativity stems from ongoing support, empowerment and, of course, collaboration. Without nourishment, our minds are limited and we can’t be nimble.

One way to foster this culture is by stepping out of the office as a team to initiate new ways of brainstorming and contributing to our clients.

PR agency culture

So we did just that. At the quarterly team offsite, we gathered at Victoria — a hip bar in east Portland — for happy hour to dissect collaborative culture. We went around the table and asked the question: What was it about the team dynamic at Hoffman that confirmed this was the place for you?

While each answer was different, one thing was consistent: the ongoing team support and encouragement was what confirmed that this was the place for most of us. We sipped on drinks as everyone began to unfold why they could call these people not only coworkers but friends.

Being PR professionals, creativity is the crux of our work ethic. By brainstorming and collaborating outside the office as a team we spark new conversations, ideas, perspectives, and a side of creativity we may never have had the chance to explore. It allows employees to build trust and engage on a personal level. Because the company actively seeks to create a positive work culture, employees invest in building on their content inspiration and drive to create.

PR Agency life and culture

As my first day on the job, I have to say I couldn’t have asked for a better start to my journey at Hoffman. It is in these small, yet impactful moments, where you learn you are right where you need to be. Work cultures like the one at Hoffman are gratifying because your team will teach, empower and push you to be your personal best — which is what collaboration is all about. I am looking forward to the team brainstorms, the endless amount of storytelling, and the continuous joint effort of bringing success to our client work.

Thank you for making my first day at The Hoffman Agency so memorable.




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