Portland Girl Enters The Hoffman Agency World

By Brooklynn Loiselle, Intern

Having attended the University of Oregon, which was approximately 90 minutes from my hometown of Portland, I chose to study and pursue a career in PR because I love storytelling. However, when I first enrolled in college, I wanted to be a journalist because I thought that was the only career that would allow me to tell stories.

Then, I found out about PR, which not only allowed me to tell stories, but gave me the opportunity to strategize and work collaboratively with others. Further, I loved how PR focused on relationship-building — an important element in every aspect of life.

Just two weeks ago, I graduated from the University of Oregon, so it has been a bit of a whirlwind adjusting to post-grad life. However, my new coworkers have been understanding in helping me transition into this new chapter. They have been patient and have been so eager to help me with anything that I am struggling with.

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One major takeaway I have learned in my first few weeks is to ask questions. No one expects you to know the answers, and it is important to speak up if you are confused. Otherwise, you often find yourself lost in other projects since you did not understand the initial situation.

It is even easier to get confused when you are onboarding remotely during a pandemic because your coworkers are not physically by your side to answer any quick questions.

However, just in my first three weeks, I have learned how beneficial apps like IM and Zoom are. I have been able to have my coworkers at my fingertips whenever I need them, and although I do not have a go-to Zoom background yet (stay tuned), I still see them “in-person” at least once a day. These apps have helped me feel connected to my coworkers and have made my transition much smoother than anticipated.

Even though the situation is less than ideal, I am excited to be working at such a collaborative and inclusive agency, and I am hopeful that at some point during my internship I will be able to meet my coworkers in-person.

Away from work, I love sports, which has made this quarantine extra hard. I cannot wait until Trailblazers basketball is back! Until then, I have been spending my time playing board games, hanging out with my roommates or adventuring outside. I have gone on numerous hikes during quarantine, and I hope that I keep it up once we are back to our new normal.

I am excited to see what the rest of my internship will look like at The Hoffman Agency. As cliché as it sounds, this truly is my introduction to the real working world — even though I haven’t left my childhood bedroom.

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