Pitching and Online Dating: A Comparison

What do pitching and online dating have in common?
By Michelle Favalora
The Hoffman Agency, San Jose

When my family and friends ask me about PR, I usually go into a long-winded explanation that normally includes buzzwords like “relationships” and “connections.” With the onset of the Internet, we’re seeing a new pattern for how we communicate and connect with others — both platonically and romantically.

I’ve tried my hand at online dating, specifically OkCupid, and while I’m no longer playing the field, my job as a PR pro is constantly reminding me of those days. Whether it’s anxiously waiting for a response to a killer PR pitch or researching a journalist, PR pitching and online dating have taken on the same strategies for success.

Let’s compare the basic steps:
Online Dating and PR 03-05-15

A big takeaway here is that people appreciate when you’ve done your research and tailor your note to their interests. That being said, only reach out if your client (or potential suitor) fits the bill on what the recipient is looking for.

Based on the above, I’m going to start telling people that PR pros are like online matchmakers. But, instead of connecting two single people looking for love, we’re connecting our clients with the appropriate journalist looking for a story through pitching.

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