The Hoffman Agency: When One Door Shuts, Another Opens.

Micaela Somma
Constance (Account director France) and I leaving for the WAW

By Micaela Somma, Associate Account Executive

My journey at The Hoffman Agency started in July 2022. I was at the end of my Master 2, and I already felt the pressure of not having a job. The search was complex, and it was very hard to find a job that matched my requirements, as well as my values and desires.

I discovered the agency a bit by chance. I came across a job listing in the middle of the night, and I started to read information on the Hoffman website and look for more clues (like a real detective!) on LinkedIn. I told myself “Why not? I have everything to learn and nothing to lose!

Just two days later, I heard back from who would become my managers, Constance and Mark. We had two interviews, and everything went super-fast! The exchanges were fluid, and I loved the mood and the energy they gave me.

There was no one reason why I agreed to work with The Hoffman Agency – there were several!

I loved the energy of the agency, especially in Europe; the team (adorable!); the clients; the international “mood” and the possibility to work fully remote and to travel often to the London office. I also greatly appreciated the fact that Hoffman is an independent agency, which allows for major growth and more freedom.

In the beginning, I was looking for a job in communications. Having already had some experience during my studies, I knew a little about what I wanted to work on. However, I did not really know the world of PR. I had already met some account executives, but the job remained a “mystery” for me.

In France, in my school career, we never really discussed the subject and that made me understand that it is a job “in the shadows.” The need is there, but we do not pay enough attention to communications (obviously I speak for France).

So, I started to learn the job with my manager Constance, who guided me and still guides me. The work itself is exciting, and we communicate on subjects like tech that inspire us every day even in our daily lives.

I would have really liked to discover this profession earlier to better channel my studies in this direction. I would have surely acquired certain skills more quickly.

I hope to continue in this career, to be able to engage more deeply with clients and continue to learn PR strategies in the hope that one day I will be independent enough to manage clients successfully.

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