My 3 Favorite Things About Our New Office

By Michelle Favalora
The Hoffman Agency, San Jose

In case you missed it, we’ve moved!

Physically, we’re just a hop, skip and a jump away from our old office. But, in terms of everything else, we’re light-years away.

Since our new office is still under construction. I thought I’d share my three favorite things about the place, without giving too much away on what’s to come. Here’s my list:

1) The windows


Our old office did not have windows. I repeat: DID NOT HAVE WINDOWS. Now, we have these big windows with a pretty view of palm trees… and the parking lot. Hey, the parking lot can be a nice view when you want to make sure your car – and gym clothes – are safe and sound.

2) All of the lights


The lights in the old office were dim and yellow. It was the type of place where your eyes needed a few minutes to adjust and you had no idea what the weather was like outside. Our new lights are bright white and better at mimicking daylight.

3) The People


I know I’m making our old office sound like a prison and I promise it wasn’t – mainly because the people at Hoffman bring great energy and warmth to whatever space they’re in. 

Unfortunately, our old office was so big, that we could go an entire day without seeing each other. 

In our new space, we’re all much closer together and I have neighbors on both sides for the first time. That’s me (center) and my new neighbors Sara and Christine (above).

I can’t wait to give you a more official “tour” of the new digs. But, this will have to do for now. Here’s to making many great memories in our new office!

Fellow Hoffman-ites – is there anything about our new office you’d add to this list? Please share in the comments.

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