Interning at Hoffman: A confluence of hybrid identity

By Mythily Nair, Intern

Mythily Nair picture with McDonald's sign

I liken myself to a chameleon, with an innate ability to change colors and appearances to match where I go. I draw this skill from spending my childhood as a global citizen, growing up outside of my home country, going to a British international school with over 65 nationalities represented, only to go back to a country that’s mine by name, but not by identity — until I made it exactly that.

Because how else would an economics and statistics major delve into the unpredictable, fast-paced world of PR and desire to thrive in a tech PR agency as global as The Hoffman Agency?

A career in PR is one that makes the most sense to someone with my intersection of skills — understanding businesses and clients from all different sectors, all while telling stories about companies that want to be heard, in ways they want to present themselves to the world. Love for products and businesses held a larger meaning — the ones able to deliver impactful change, even if not immediately seen by the public, — and delving into the heart of the “why” of a company.

It’s the power of exploring stories or angles yet to be discovered, all safely nestled up against a multifaceted identity enriched by global experiences.

As with all new experiences, I must admit that when joining The Hoffman Agency, I was both nervous and excited. Agency life has been slowly moving away as the ideal post-grad job for PR graduates due to its grind and rigor, but I strongly believe that it’s these very qualities that make it just that appealing to me.

There’s nowhere else where one learns skills such as impeccable time management, an ability to multitask, to be organized (the hard way, mind you!), and most importantly, to not be afraid to ask for help — and Hoffmanites have been more than welcoming and kind (shoutout to my amazing manager Rachel, for patiently answering the million questions I always seem to have!).

I would recommend an agency experience to absolutely anyone new to the world of PR. It’s a grind, but it’s one that any budding PR professional truly must learn from to navigate the world with ease.

My favorite after work activity, you ask? Well, I usually hit the gym, meet friends for dinner at a place on my top secret Best LA Restaurant List (carefully curated, if only my ability to make media lists were that good), or thoroughly enjoy lazing away at home. Alternatively, I also attend my Indian Classical music lessons with my guru of more than 10 years online, trying to rustle up some semblance of the performance ready voice I once had.

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