My PR Launch: My journey to The Hoffman Agency

By Claire Askew, Intern

When I first began college at the University of Oregon (UO), I thought I was going to graduate with a degree in education. Both my mom and grandma are amazing elementary school teachers, so I have been around educators my whole life. As I entered college however, I learned very early on that while I may love the rewarding side of educating, I prefer to work in team environments such as in an agency setting. This is where my passion for public relations (PR) was born.

Claire Askew graduation picture

That said, joining the School of Journalism and Communications at the UO was one of the best decisions I made. I consider myself an extrovert, as I have a passion for people. I thrive in creating and maintaining strong relationships, and telling others’ stories is where my career goals and passions come together. During my four years at the UO, I was able to build a PR portfolio that includes work as a social media strategist, relationship builder, and a client communications coordinator. All three of these experiences greatly influenced my passion for PR.

At UO, I was a part of a mentoring and networking program during my senior year, where one of my most inspiring professors introduced me to The Hoffman Agency. This internship with Hoffman excites me because it not only allows me to continue growing my skillset in PR, but it is my first PR work experience after COVID-19. While it may seem cliché to say, the pandemic threw all of us for a loop. However, I believe the communication skills I learned virtually will have a strong impact in determining my success from here on out.

My main goal during this internship is to master the “art of storytelling” on which The Hoffman Agency prides itself. I am excited to be a part of a program that values every individual, is supportive to questions asked, and truly wants interns to succeed! For me, this internship is everything I looked for and more.

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