Learning the True Meaning of “PR”

By Hibo Abtidon, Intern

Before I even knew what PR meant, I was interested in public relations and writing. I like to believe it began in 3rd grade when my teacher made us participate in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). That was the first time I was genuinely excited to write and recall the pride I felt reading my first novel at the end of the month. Ever since then, my passion for writing has only grown. For as long as I can remember, I have loved getting to know others and connecting with them. To me, it’s fun and exciting to find the best ways to engage with others that makes us both feel united. Connection — authentic connection — is an important piece for me. As I’m learning in my internship, it is also an important part of a successful PR plan. 

work from home setup

Entering the professional world during a pandemic was not how I planned to start my career, but I’m happy I’m doing it with The Hoffman Agency. As an intern, everything is a learning experience. I’m thankful to have a team that not only supports questions, but heavily encourages them as well. Everyone is truly just one click away for any questions or guidance. Although I didn’t initially have many expectations, the Hoffman team has already exceeded them.

It warms my heart to know that I am a part of a team that takes initiatives such as diversity and inclusion seriously. During a conversation with Kelly Stone, vice president of The Hoffman Agency, I mentioned some ideas I had about an internal diversity and inclusion committee. My ideas were thoroughly listened to and put on the committee’s radar. It’s these kinds of experiences that make an intern feel fully welcome and valued. Although I have the least experience among the people I work with, they frequently ask for my feedback and opinion. I am learning new components of PR and am anxious to learn more. I’m mostly looking forward to pitching media and possibly seeing a story I was a part of going live sometime in the future.

I’m finding that this internship has affected the way I look and interact with media. Before Hoffman, I never knew of all the planning that goes into an article from the company’s side. Whenever I read an article now, I’m finding myself reading more thoroughly and looking for any underlying messages. Small lessons like that excite me about all the knowledge I’m going to gain during the next four months. 

Outside of my internship and with ample time indoors, I have gotten back to my love of reading. As a part of winding down after work, I usually reach for my current read: All the Ugly and Wonderful Things by Bryn Greenwood. Other times, you can find me learning the most recent TikTok dances from my niece.

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