Learning is Experience

By Kyra Hanson, Intern

Growing up, my mom was a teacher and my dad was a librarian. As a result, I always had a book in my hands. My deep love for reading fostered an immense appreciation for storytelling that followed me throughout my education. When faced with choosing a major as a freshman in college, public relations was a clear choice – the opportunity to tell the authentic and impactful stories of companies and organizations. However, since public relations is such a broad skill set with infinite applications, I was overwhelmed with the number of industry paths before me.

This past March, as the global pandemic launched into full swing and I was finishing my college degree virtually, I gained clarity regarding which industry I wanted to pursue. In a world that is constantly propelled by technology, it is essential to have storytellers who can communicate to businesses and individuals how technology can add value to their work and lives. In a time where technology is more important than ever, I was eager to dive into tech communications. When an opportunity to join the Hoffman team opened, I was excited to pursue it.

portland tech pr intern

Post-grad life has been an exciting time of transition. While beginning a new position remotely is not how I imagined the start of my career, the process has been fairly smooth. In a way, I am grateful that my final term of college was remote, as it prepared me for the experience of learning and working from home. The entire Hoffman team has been incredibly welcoming and helpful. Despite being remote, I have enjoyed one-on-one’s, coffee hours, happy hours and various other avenues to know and learn from the team. In the past few weeks, I have already had countless opportunities to draft social content, pursue media relations contacts, track industry coverage, and strategize with teams and clients.

After full days of communicating and growing, my favorite post-work activity is to spend time on walks and hikes with my dog. I also enjoy picking fresh berries and experimenting with homemade coffee drinks.

For the next few months, I look forward to diving into the various tactics of public relations and how they fit into each unique strategy. Albert Einstein once said, “Learning is experience. Everything else is just information.” I am ultimately most excited to have the space in which to transfer the information that I have acquired into learning during my time at The Hoffman Agency.

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