Exploring the Unknown

Kirsten Meyer graduation picture

By Kirsten Meyer, Intern

When people ask me what’s the riskiest thing I have ever done, I always respond by saying going to college halfway across the country.

I grew up in a suburb of Chicago where almost everyone attended University of Illinois, but during the college search process, I immediately knew I needed out of the Midwest. It wasn’t that I did not enjoy the city life; I just knew I was meant to spread my wings and go explore the unknown.

Many people were confused with my decision to go to the University of Oregon (UO). They thought it was out of the blue because I had no connection to the school or state — and what they were saying was completely true.

I was first drawn to the school because I loved all the cool programs they had to offer.

So, one rainy day in January, I visited the campus; Oregon did not disappoint. Seeing mountains in the background of the campus blew my mind. I was finally not surrounded by flat land (or corn fields)! It was the only school I applied to, which was risky, but deep down, I knew this is where I belonged.

Now as a senior, it is safe to say I made the right decision. I have absolutely loved every minute spent here even though every minute has not been that easy.

I came into college without deciding on a major. Planning out my future scared me and continues to scare me. I am only 22 years old; how am I supposed to know what I want to do for the rest of my life?!

However, during my spring term of freshman year I did find something I was passionate about — public relations.

Public relations piqued my interest because it offers so many options. Not only do you tackle new tasks daily, but you also interact with unique individuals and/or companies. I knew I was right for the PR world because I enjoy a fast-paced environment.

This past fall, I finally completed my PR major. It was so exciting and frightening at the same time. I still felt like I had no clue what I was doing, and the real world seemed so intense. I started the internship/job search and felt so overwhelmed. It wasn’t until I found The Hoffman Agency internship that I was comfortable entering the professional world.

The Hoffman Agency appealed to me because of its belief in compelling storytelling and its focus on a team-oriented environment. Every position in the company is valuable, and the first few days of my internship, I felt so welcomed.

Another cool aspect that attracted me to The Hoffman Agency was the number of fellow Ducks. While I did not personally know any of them while on campus, it is still cool to have people who understand the classes I took and the experience I gained from UO.

Once again, I am exploring the unknown. Technology has always interested me because of how important it is to society as well as how it is rapidly evolving. I am no tech wizard, but I am excited to take on a challenge. Taking risks helps you grow as a person and learn new skills. I can’t wait to improve my PR skills as well as learn more about the technology industry throughout my time at Hoffman!

Fun fact: My favorite after-work activity is intramural dodgeball. I’m on our team The Dodgefathers with my sorority sisters on a quest to win the coveted intramural championship shirt!

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