Internship Epilogue

Ming Gao headshot

It is crazy to say that I have reached the finale of my internship here at Hoffman.

As many have said before, time flies when you’re having fun. I do not even know where to begin in describing what an amazing learning opportunity the Hoffman program has provided.

There were great times, and there were exhausting times. There were laughs in between and silent moments where only the clicking of the keyboard could be heard.

All in all, my three months at Hoffman thus far have shown me what it truly means to work in that agency grind and have been eye opening to learning about B2B tech.

My favorite part of the Agency is the team spirit and camaraderie.

My internship journey has not been completely smooth sailing, but that is the beauty of it. Missing a couple of days due to sick absence seemed much easier to do in school compared to work where there’s a constant stream of updates on various accounts. Despite knowing that everyone was there to support any handoffs, I was anxious about halting the progress I was making and missing any updates.

When I returned online, I really appreciated how my teams were supportive and mindful of the slight catchup I would have to do and ensured I wouldn’t be overwhelmed.

Another great instance of teamwork that I witnessed was the excitement around pitching a global announcement. The team rallied together in the early morning to commence outreach to media on the release to kick-start the day and garnered amazing results. The team’s enthusiasm showed me the potential impact of going the extra mile.

During my internship, one important piece of advice I received was to encompass a “Yes AND” attitude whenever possible. To challenge myself, I had to be open to new learning opportunities even if it meant readjusting the current to-do list or schedule.

While it is extremely important to communicate your bandwidth and let others know what you have on your plate, you can also keep in mind that letting others know you are willing to learn and challenge yourself are also critical to growth.

After three months, can I proudly say I am an expert in telecoms, SaaS, or cybersecurity? The answer is definitely NO. However, there is no denying the growth and learning I’ve experienced since the initial start of my time here at Hoffman.

Though you may hear this many times from countless others, interning is about continual growth, and no one is expected to become an overnight expert.

In fact, a part of our job is to make more technical, nitty gritty topics more digestible. My advice to others in my shoes just starting out in tech PR is to stay curious. As I transition into an AAE role, I am excited to continue learning and growing with the agency!

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