How to Improve Your Client’s Blog

How to take a client's blog to the next level.

By Byung Yoon Kim
The Hoffman Agency Korea

During my time at The Hoffman Agency, I have had opportunities to develop a diverse expertise in communications, from message development and social media communications to designing strategic plans.

Today, I’d like to share a few easy tips on improving the quality of your blog content, based upon my recent experience in managing a client’s official blog to attract more readers.

Redesign a blog layout

Blog thumbnails are the first thing visitors see when they arrive at the blog (or any social platform). It would be helpful for them if there were a short description on the thumbnail with a relevant photo to tell what the content is about. The thumbnails of the WD Blog could be a good example.

Also, don’t forget to set the main color theme to reinforce the site’s character. It should echo the official website and other communication platforms to maintain consistency.

Reorganize categories

The clear navigation helps visitors to quickly and effectively find what they want from the site. Making a well-organized category chart is really important to improve the engagement, since it helps make the visitors feel comfortable and stay longer. Some blogs have a maze-like structure, so that readers need quite an amount of time to find certain information and may never get to the right place. We can assume they will never come back to the blog once they experience something like that.

Listen to social suggestions

In many cases, social media platforms are being used to deliver messages from a company or brand to its target audiences. However, we can use those communication channels, including a blog, as a way to collect ideas on creating new content.

I regularly check the questions and feedback from followers on social media platforms and utilize them to develop new posts that can highly reflect the audiences’ interests. Doing so enables better user engagement.

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