Looking for a PR Job? PR Internship and Account Coordinator Position Now Open


Hoffman Seeking PR Talent

If you are a talented go-getter who likes to work in a team environment and wants a career in PR, please read on. 

The Hoffman Agency, a global communications consultancy based in Silicon Valley, is currently seeking an intern and an Account Coordinator to work on technology and consumer accounts. You must seriously love PR and want to grow with some of the brightest minds in communications.

All candidates must have superior writing ability, willingness to go up-and-beyond to deliver great work and have ambition to move ahead. 

The Hoffman Agency is the land of growth and opportunity for the right person. 

Please send resumes to Brenda Foster:  [email protected]

 Job descriptions below:



The typical intern at The Hoffman Agency will be assigned to a number of client accounts to provide team support very similar to what an Account Coordinator would provide. Typical intern duties include, but are not limited to, the following:

Media monitoring: Scan for client media coverage and compile media coverage reports to provide to clients

Speaking and awards: Create and update yearly calendars with speaking and awards opportunities, pull together abstracts and awards submission drafts, and submit the abstracts to nominate the company or product

Media relations: Monitor editorial opportunities and flag them to the team, research media contacts, compile media contact lists for pitching, and create reporter briefing sheets.

Social media: Research for and draft content to submit to client social media platforms

New business:  Pull together preliminary research to contribute to new business pitches

Spirit committee: Be part of the Hoffman spirit committee to help plan company events or special treats 

 The needs and responsibilities vary from account to account, but a few tasks uncommon at the intern level that may be asked of you include:

–  Drafting press releases and submitting them to go live

–  Writing up media pitches and reaching out to reporters with pitching content

–  Creating Power Point presentations for client speaking programs

–  Compiling monthly metrics reports and end-of-the-month reports for client billing purposes

In an agency environment with client responsibilities, there will occasionally be random, unexpected assignments, so a Hoffman intern must be flexible and willing to take on any task. The proactive spirit is encouraged and acknowledged at The Hoffman Agency, so an intern who is open to going above and beyond the call of duty is highly valued and rewarded.



Account Coordinators (ACs) will use their excellent organizational and time management skills to serve as the account team functional hub, respond to client demands quickly and efficiently, and streamline project flow. ACs will take responsibility for basic account team administrative and foundational activities. These foundational activities include basic billable activities that require PR-specific research and/or decision-making skills that indicate a growing understanding of clients and the media. Such activities incorporate writing basic client materials, building and maintaining editorial calendars (ed cals) and media lists, and monitoring clients’ daily clippings.

In addition, ACs will complete several advanced/developmental activities to put them squarely on the AE path. This may include billable work, Hoffman PR projects or development activities, depending on the individual AC’s learning curve. After successfully demonstrating proficiency in all administrative and foundation activities as well as completing advanced/ developmental metrics, an AC will be considered for promotion to AE. This should generally take 12 months.

Duties and Responsibilities:


Time Management

–  „Develop effective time management techniques to understand the urgency in meeting deadlines and responding to client demands quickly and efficiently

–  „Effectively track time expended and accurately complete Timeslips each week by EOD on Friday

 Team and Project Support

–  Serve as functional hub of account team(s)

„-  Regularly update eRoom content, as needed

„-  Support and work effectively with all account team members

„-  Fax, photocopy, compile and distribute documents created by other team members

„-  Compile clip books

–  Provide support to team, including sending out GroupWise appointments, reserving rooms, setting up meetings (food, beverage and technical requirements), etc.

–  Provide data entry/input for important foundational activities, such as ed cals, media lists, etc.

–  Help support and streamline project flow (i.e., create job numbers, organize hard copy files, develop/distribute press kits, maintain project file folders, post press releases on PR Newswire)

Writing/Editing Services

„- Proofread documents for spelling, grammar and formatting errors



Knowledge of Agency Life/Clients/Technology

„-  Learn, understand and execute correct Agency processes; offer suggestions to improve processes

–  Read key pubs regularly

Team and Project Support

„-  Research and input media lists, ed cal opportunities, speaking calendars

„-  Provide online research and editorial resources to account teams

„-  Seek out opportunities to assist team members on meeting PR program goals

Client Support Skills

–  Be involved in the “micro” aspects of each PR program, ensuring that no stone is unturned and no detail missed once fine points have been defined by more seasoned account team members

–  Help streamline clients’ clipping programs; review trades and mainstream press for client news/competitive information; research, analyze and create client press clipping books

–  Actively participate in account team meetings and planning sessions; record and distribute meeting notes and action items

–  Answer incoming media/client calls

Writing/Editing Services

„-  Research and create briefing documents and books, clip summaries and bios

„-  Elevate quality of hard copy materials and writing skills

Media Relations

–  Begin developing an understanding of the editorial community






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