Hoffman Europe – Work Away Week 2022

In October, the Hoffman Europe team headed off on its annual “Work Away Week” and took a getaway to sunny Lisbon in Portugal! This was an excellent opportunity for our UK, France, and Germany-based colleagues to get together for a full Europe team meet-up.

True to its name, the European team were business as usual, taking client calls and driving media relations (on a warm and sunny rooftop!) Rest assured, the team also carved out precious face-to-face time for team workshops and brainstorms to drive creativity and boost collaboration.

We’re pleased that the first Hoffman Work Away Week was such a success – filled with lots of fun, good food, and team bonding. Take a look at some of the snapshots from the trip below accompanied by entertaining (and slightly off-kilter) captions from the European team!

hoffman europe pr agency
Grandad was very pleased that all his grandkids and their partners came along for his 70th birthday.
wfh setup
It’s an unusual breakfast, but it does the trick.
europe pr firm
Budget Titanic
hoffman agency europe
What LinkedIn influencers like for lunch.
europe pr agency
Despite their best protests, it was decided that ‘the Atlantic’ wasn’t allowed within the company’s flexible work policy.
the hoffman agency europe
We’ve been standing here ages. Is it finished yet?
The boss with all his friends.
pr agency europe
The one where everyone *really* wants to start eating their pudding.
the hoffman agency
Team members prepping for Hoffman vs. Wild.
work away week
A solid staff to pastel de nata ratio. These pastries were nata be missed.

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