How Interning at The Hoffman Agency Made Me Excited for Post-Grad Life

By Talia Surbrook, Account Coordinator 

Talia Surbrook headshot

Once I had signed the contract to be a part of The Hoffman Agency’s fall internship program, I was mentally preparing myself for a rollercoaster ride full of ups, downs and loops. To my pleasant surprise, the program felt more like a rock-climbing wall.

There were no stomach dropping, palms sweating moments, but rather, it was full of challenges that excited me, tasks where I was able to apply my education to a real-life setting and the constant reassurance that I had a “belay” team of support.

Being a college student in the pandemic era, I had little to no experience working with others in-person. Communicating with your team via Zoom calls and instant messaging has downsides, and there were plenty of times prior to my internship where I had felt disconnected.

However, throughout my time with Hoffman, I have been able to form relationships with my teams, which have made me even more excited to log on each day. I specifically have enjoyed their mentorship program where I am able to meet with a higher-level co-worker biweekly and discuss their experience with work-life balance and post-grad transitions and receive career advice.

As cliché as it may sound, through this internship opportunity I have learned that I am capable of working in Public Relations. While interning, I was finishing up my degree, and as I got closer and closer to graduation the constant questions, “What are you going to do after? Have you really started looking at the job market?” accompanied by my own daunting thoughts of “What am I going to do? Will I fail?” were becoming more prevalent.

However, as I wrap up my time in the internship program, I feel extremely confident that the tools The Hoffman Agency has provided will allow me to excel with a better understanding of the industry. And most importantly, I have confirmed that I truly love Public Relations and am excited for my future.

For anyone considering going into the technology PR field, understand that you do not need to be fully versed in all things tech. I personally knew very little about the industry. But as you go, you may even feel excited to work behind the scenes and learn more about an industry that heavily influences our day-to-day lives.

The Hoffman Agency is full of amazing team members and a diverse group of clients that will provide a variety of opportunities, accompanied by the trust and support you receive making this program a unique and fulfilling experience. I am thrilled to continue with the Agency as an account coordinator.

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