From West to East Coast, All in the Name of PR

A week ago, I made my cross-country move from the West to the East Coast to join the Hoffman team and start my PR career.

Woman in graduation gown and cap holding a large bouquet of flowers.

And you may be thinking, “Sasha, why would you move from sunny Southern California to cold and snowy Boston?!”

Well, I love a good winter outfit, and the streets of San Diego aren’t quite the suitable runway for my winter fashion. Plus, I couldn’t bear to see one more San Diegan wearing a puffer jacket with flip-flops when the weather drops below 70 degrees.

But all jokes aside, after graduation, like most people, I struggled to see a clear career path with the dozens of LinkedIn rejection emails rolling in each week.

So, when I received the email from The Hoffman Agency, it might as well have been the winning lottery numbers; I was thrilled!

Funnily enough, Hoffman was an agency I’d been introduced to just over two years ago while on a study abroad in London. We spent a whole day at the Hoffman Agency’s London office during the trip.

Excerpt from notebook, discussing interesting presentations and a desire to work at The Hoffman Agency,

There, I got to experience the expertise, camaraderie and enthusiasm for storytelling that encapsulates the essence of The Hoffman Agency. I even noted in my journal how the five hours of presentations were “actually great!”

From then on, I thought, like most people who study abroad do, “I could totally see myself living here, and I definitely need to work at this agency!”

Now, over two years later, I’m on video calls with the Hoffman team and biting my nails in anticipation of the acceptance email I hoped so badly to get. It’s funny how these things work out!

And the team here couldn’t be more welcoming and supportive. I feel like I’m in such good hands.

From the beginning, the agency has felt like the perfect environment for me to explore the world of PR. I’m beyond excited to see my professional growth and work alongside this incredible team over the next three months.

 And who knows, maybe two years from now, I’ll be back at the London office as part of the Hoffman “exchange” program and get my full-circle moment.

Until then, I’ll take this time to soak up every drop of PR knowledge I can get and live out my East Coast winter fantasy while doing it.

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