90 Days Down and I’m Sticking Around: Five Secrets to Succeeding in Tech PR

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By Jaden Gill, Account Coordinator

Three months in, and I don’t know where to begin.

It’s been the most exciting — and reasonably chaotic — ride. From wrapping up a social media promotional plan for our client’s inaugural cybersecurity conference, to gaining confidence in my ability to pitch and land a story for a product announcement — I never thought I’d acquire so many new skills in this little time. There have been many lessons learned, not just about tech PR and agency life, but also about working in teams, advocating for myself and finding healthy balances.


At Hoffman, your team is there for you to lean on.

One of the first takeaways from my experience as an account coordinator has been the importance of setting boundaries, voicing concerns and asking for support when needed. Your team would rather you communicate than suffer from burnout. If you don’t have the bandwidth — say so!

Double-checking is the name of the game.

Mistakes happen, ESPECIALLY in the world of digital PR. Twitter copy can fly through approvals at lightning speed, but it doesn’t always look good to a client.

No matter how many posts you have to schedule on Sprout, take the time to review everything. Are the time and date updated? Does the graphic include the correct copy? Is the post going live ET time or PT time? Whatever the assignment is, it’s always worth reviewing a second … or third … or fourth time.

Don’t be afraid to dive into new projects.

When you’re launching your PR career, there’s going to be a lot you haven’t done yet. A bit of imposter syndrome is inevitable, but you’ll be shocked by how much you’re actually capable of. Trust your instincts, ask questions and be brave when taking on new tasks. Your managers can tell when you’re trying your best and using your resources. Don’t fear responsibility; it’s a sign you’re doing well.

Celebrate the wins.

For people-pleasers like me, there’s no better feeling than getting positive feedback from a client.

My favorite moment at Hoffman so far came after a highly anticipated client conference. I was tasked with reporting social media metrics following the event, and because of my team’s hard work, we were able to report the highest engagement rates to date across social platforms. It was deeply rewarding to see the effort we were putting in was making a real impact and even more exciting to have evidence to show for it.

Celebrating the wins makes the stressful moments worthwhile.

Emotional support is essential.

My final piece of advice for those kickstarting their PR career — if you’re working remotely, it is absolutely crucial you have a furry coworker by your side at all times (mine is pictured above). In all seriousness, hybrid and remote work can feel isolating. It’s important to take time to relax, unwind and spend time with the people (and pets) you care about!

My time at Hoffman has been packed with stressful and rewarding weeks, frantic Teams calls, celebratory email exchanges, plenty of mistakes and moments to remember. Looking back, I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished and pleasantly surprised by my ability to face challenges head-on, trusting myself in the process. I look forward to seeing what else this new chapter has in store.

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